When I download iOS 3.1 Software Update for iPod touch (1st generation) when i press download it doesnt do anything on my ipod ! help???? please

I need help. When I download the ios 3.1 software update to my first generation ipod touch, I click download and i says it will be done in 30 minutes dont disconnect ect... Usually when i download something my ipod flashes download and it shows the time left on the top of itunes. Nothing happens today and it just stays on the instructions page. When I hit done it takes me to the appstore on my mac! HELP!!!!!

Hello mixanme,
Sorry to hear you are not able to update your iPod touch using iTunes.  Thank you for providing all that information about what is going on. I found an tutorial to assist with issues updating an iPod touch:
Issues updating or restoring iPod touch
I hope these steps help!
Sheila M.