Westmere Radeon 5770 Apple Acrylic ACD 23 inch Display Compatibility

Will the ACD to DVI acrylic 23 inch display work with the Mac Pro Westmere processor model and the ATI Radeon 5770? Never got my acrylic model display to work with anything but a Radeon X1900 on my Mac Pro 1.1. Thinking about upgrading to a new Mac Pro. If I can't get my acrylic ADC model to work, I may have to go in a different direction from Mac.

The odd thing is that my acrylic worked with the 4870 with with OS 10.5 without updates. No openGL and/or core image support; however, but it booted into the OS. As soon as I updated to to OS 10.5.8, I could no longer boot into the OS. When OS 10.5 was introduced, there were no Radeon 4870's on the market. Thank you for the information, but I'm still wondering; however, if I can use my acrylic with the new Mac Pro 2010 Westmere's and the Radeon 5770 or if I'm going to run into software conflicts. I would really like to get a new Mac Pro. I really like my Acrylic Cinema Display. Beautiful color rendition and a reliable power supply, the Dr. Bott DVIator. It's not that old and it is Macintosh hardware.