Safari will not download to my computer

I deleted safari because It messed up, and i want to download it again, every time i download it and i get to the stage where you chose what disc you want to chose, i click on my hard-drive disc, and it says that 'your computer cannot use this software" or something like that. i thought it might be doing that because it was overlapping on my old safari, so i completely deleted everything to do with safari that i had previously. I have tried downloading Safari and Safari 2.1 and neither work. They both show the exact same thing.
Mac Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.7)

Hello Christian,
Safari is not downloaded it in installed from the Tiger install disk 1
read this, Custom installs in Mac OS X 10.4
Deleting Safari should be a very last step to troubleshooting it.
Did you test Safari is a test account first to see if it was a username home
issue ? That is a good first step for next time. Did you empty the trash?
Good luck!!. I hope this helps restore your Safari, please let us know.
Eme'~{ )