RoboHelp 9-New Folder/Topics are not overwriting the old ones.

I am updating a user guide that I did not create. My procedure once I have completed my updates is to go under My RoboHelp Projects in Windows Explorer, find the project name then open it's folder. I zip the !SSL! folder and post it to a common site for developers to grab the files.
I am having an issue with not being able to zip the folder due to a long path name. I have completely deleted the old Folders and Topics and reentered them all, using shorter path names.
When I try to zip the !SSL! folder after my changes, it still displays an error stating it cannot zip the folder due to the path name being too long.
However...the path name displayed in the error message is with the previously deleted folders/topics.
When I go into Windows Explorer and look at the folders which are shown, I still see old information, which I deleted within RoboHelp.
Am I able to delete old items when in Windows Explorer? I thought it all had to be done within RoboHelp. I do not want to risk corrupting my user guide because it would literally take months to recreate.
Thank you.

Hi there
So, if you generate the output, then at the final dialog tell RoboHelp to view the output, the new content isn't there?
That would be odd, but not impossible.
My guess is that your output folder is different than the folder you are looking at.
Cheers... Rick