Nokia Lumia 800 won't update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Yes, I know there are already several topics on this but I'm pretty desperate now.
I receive a Nokia Lumia 800 in December for christmas (I know it's not the latest but my family doens't have all that much money). Since christmas day I have been trying to obtain the update for the Lumia. The one that fixes battery and stuff. I've tried search for updates and I've tried searching using Zune. I've had NO success at all. I've tolerated the many flaws in my Lumia such as the lack of a screenshot ability and the bluetooth issue. Those are but two of many. I really want to like this phone and so far, I've only managed to become annoyed by it. I refuse to switch to iOS and I don't have the money for a decent android so I ask, does anyone know of any way I can get updates for my Lumia 800?

Pretty sure it's running the latest updates.
A lumia 720 would probably have been (much) cheaper, is faster overall, runs the latest Windows Phone OS (WP8.0 GDR3 with Nokia Black FW) and will be receiving at least the next major OS update.
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