My ipod classic turns on with apple logo then shuts off about 30 seconds later, when plugged in my windows and itunes will not recognize it.

earlier my itunes told me that my files were corrupted and I needed to restore, so I did.  In the middle of the restore I lost internet connection. Now my computer and Itunes will not recognize my Ipod and if it is not plugged in when I turn the Ipod on it only shows the apple logo then shuts off after 30 seconds.  If it is plugged in it will charge, but Itunes and Windows will not recognize it.  I have tried the menu + select shutoff multiple times with no change.  All it will say while it is charging is do not disconnect.

The clicking sound is your iPod Hardisk, trying to retract and find the boot sector unsuccesfully.
Hopefully, you can do the iPod Disk Diagnostic as in this great post by tt2., it wont fix your problem, but let you know, how dire is your Hardisk health.
So only as a last resort, one way, to get the stuck Hardisk head free, is to bang the iPod on a rubber mouse pad, when you reset it, but do it at your own risk, some very lucky guys got it working again for the next 14 months, like myself.