Lost printing to HP Laser Jet following installation of upgrade 10.8.2

I noticed from the BB that this issue is already out there, but I am not sure what course of action to take.   I have a IMac with 10.8.2 installed as part of an upgrade from 10.7.x.  My HP Color Laser Jet CM1312nfi MFP worked fine.   Once the upgrade nothing.   From the HP support web site, I read the following:
HP LaserJet and Color LaserJet Printers,  MFPs, and All-in-Ones - Products not supported or with limited support in OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  which leads me to believe that this printer is "done" and cannot be made to work with this OS.   I am looking for a work around for a perfectly good printer.  HP, while not asked has not offered a solution and my take from Apple is that the new OS is supposed to take care of all the issues, both old and new.   I am willing to uninstall any an all software if it will solve the problem.   I am not interested in returning to another older OS.   I did install the new patch provided by Apple, it did not work and I may need to redo if not done correctrly.   It did not solve the problem.   Has anyone found a workable solution to this problem?   I would be appreciative to any suggestions that will help.   Thanks

Thanks for this response.  I was able to get the printer working following a bunch of "re-tuning" of setting and the like.   To be clear, I did install this patch from Apple.   While Apple or HP is not clear, I found that it was better to clean house of all old printer (HP listings), remove sharing from the network settings, installing the patch at least twice and then selecting the printer a second time around.   Lo and behold, I selected " Print a Test Page" and after what I thought was a long wait, got the completed test page.  As indicated on the HP web page, I did lose the ability to scan via the HP Director software.  Not sure that will be a problem as I can still scan to the external memory card and save the image(s).   Progess and change has its cost and I will have to accept this change as part of that evolution.   The new Mac OS has removed many of the folders etc that I was familiar with from earlier times.   The good news is that I can print and that is what really matters.   Thanks again for your suggestion.