Internal Error: Error in the Software Update Packa...

I'm using the latest Ovi Suite and N82 (v30). I saw notification of firmware update and then clicked to update it. the updated was downloaded but when it's in the process of updating it says
Internal Error: Error in the Software Update Package Configuration
I've replugged my device after the system restart but it shows the same.
how do resolve it? neither do i see any option of redownload the update package. where does it download the update package?

And whatmake you think this is going to help? The answer from local Nokia Care Pointwas: “if you hit the phone it might be the reason for this problems and we arenot responsible for warranty void for your Nokia phone blah blah – of course Idid not hit or throw the phone but never mind – the just don’t care. Thisproblems was described in details to Nokia Care Point Finland and the answerwas … “ we are very sorry, but you need to make a connection with your localNokia Care Point” ha ha – thank you very much, they were so helpful ! That’swhy I don’t want to call or connect Nokia anymore – no help at all! Sorry ifthis information is not good for you, but it is true! Don’t believed it : check THREAD ID:1-4N513T0 from 06.January and THREAD ID:1-4N0DM6A from 05. January. That’s why I need User help, notNokia help.