Import Crystal Reports Dunning letter as SAP Business One layout

I have created a dunning letter in Crystal Reports. I want to import this layout as a layout (not a report) in Business One.
Problem is that I don't know the parameters in the report so I can import the layout between the standard PLD layouts (like Dunning 1, dunning 2 dunning 3 dunning all etc). I tried a few but import fails everytime. You also don't get any errormessage when the layout cannot be imported.
Anybody knows what parameters to use in this report? Thanks.
Regards Thijs

Hello Gordon/ Rahul,
Thanks for yor reply.
I already created a Crystal report that runs as a report. In this case you select the WizardName and the report will give an output of all dunning letters in this report.
Unfortunately it is not possible to import this report because when I do that I only get the error that SAP Business One couldn't import the layout. EXporting a layout is af course not possible because only PLD layouts are available in dunning.
Regards Thijs