I just cant get it to 300 htt! aargg

i got a bit of a problem. I would really like my cpu to run at [email protected] But it wont work!
So far I got it to 290x8 and it seems stable. Ran superpi 6 times + 3dmark01.. When I set it to 300x8 I cant start the computer. And have to reset cmos.. i have tried to give it more vcore.. but it doesnt helps..
heres a link http://server2.uploadit.org/files/skylinen-oc.JPG
can anyone give me a advice?

Quote from: ~skyline~ on 09-April-05, 16:03:26
its almost stable at 294x8,5  ran prime95 and got one error after 4 hours and 18 minutes..
should I add some more vcore and try again? right now its 1.49
hmm everst shows that its 312x8 not 294x8,5... But cpuz shows 294x8.5
The Nvidia chipset dosn't perform half multipliers as you might expect. It actually reduces the FSB and rounds the multiplier up .You can see this with the likes of memtest as the memory speed reduces in line with the reduction in FSB. Unfortunately the bios reflects the CMOS data, not what the chipset is doing with it. So CPUz, everest etc, can show differing data depending upon how they derive the inormation displayed.