How do I undo the IO6 update cannot access most of You Tube videos

I am very dissatisfied with your decision to remove google maps and you tube, I can't access so many things, you know very well that google maps is best on the web like Tom Tom is for GPS devises, I am unable to access 3/4 of videos on You Tube because Safari does not support Adobe flash player, I was so desperate last night to find videos to show me how to repair an item of mine, and spend hours trawling through you tube for a compatible video, what the ****? I have spend a fortune on this product, either you come up with an alternative that works or you swallow your pride and do what's best for me, not what's best your egos. I don't care whether you like google or not, I don't know anyone who works for google or what food they eat or which shops they like, neither do I know you, but what I want is a product that works for me. Did you do a QFD before you chose to remove these apps? Is that what the voice of the customer and expectations on your mapping indicated. This smacks of arrogance typical of RIM and look where RIM is? Is this what Steve Jobs wrote down in his will? I am a customer who doesn't care what you and your competitors are up to behind these scenes, your feuds should have nothing to do with me I expect a product that meets my needs and not your arrogance and egos.

There's no way to actually revert to the older version. Un-install the current version and install the older version. You can use '''View all versions''' on the AMO page for that theme to obtain the older version you were using.