How can I move an existing contact to a group in iPad Contacts?

I have a years worth of contact information stored before the last update which added the Group option, this is great for new contacts being added but I can see no way to move the existing contact from All Contacts to Customer etc. short of re-typing 400 contacts . .
Any ideas?

Hey Jerry,
I've got the same question.  I've figured out a very un-elegant way (because I don't think that Apple has a way to do this with IOS) to "move" existing contacts from either 1) your iPad's Contacts "All Contacts" list to an existing Group, or 2) to add it from a Contacts list on another computer:
1) If you haven't already made a new Group, you may need to figure out how to do that ( I don't).
     If you already have an existing Group (from syschronizing with your iMac for example), but wish to "move" a Contact over into that Group, then you'll have to take that Contact file (it was probably under "All Contacts"), and "Share" it with the same iPad that you're using.  First, you'll have to go to the already existing Group, and hit the "+" sign on the lower left panel.  When the new blank Contact page opens up, merely type in the Last name of the contact which you wish to be in this Group.  Hit the "Done" button.  Next, go into "All Contacts", find the Contact that you wish to move into the desired Group.  When you are looking at the opened Contact File, you will see three active links (buttons) at the bottom: "Send Message", "Share Contact", and "Edit".  Select Share Contact.  You then either Email or Message yourself at the iPad's email address.  Go to Mail or Messages (depending upon which you chose to Share the .vcf file), open the recently received email/message, and touch the icon for the "attached" file.  At the bottom of the Contacts window that just opened up you will see "Create New Contact" and "Add to Existing Contact".  Choose the "Add" option, then navigate to the desired Group, and then the file Contact file (having only what you initially filled in, such as the last name, or whatever you used to initialize the Contact within the Group). Voila!  Although it won't have looked like anything happened, you can close the email message, and go investigate within the desired Group to see that your contact file has indeed been added to the Group. 
Whew! That was pretty convoluted.  Once you've done it, you'll get it.  Once you get it you'll probably wonder out loud: "Why hasn't Apple made this simpler...or it it has, why haven't they let us in on the secret?????"