Google Play Nexus 6 on Verizon Network C-Block Rules Violation

I have tired for some time to figure out how to activate my Google Play bought Nexus 6 on your network in accordance to C-Block rules. As No rep is able to point me to clearly defined and published procedures and rights I can only assume your in violation of "47 CFR 27.16 - NETWORK ACCESS REQUIREMENTS FOR BLOCK C IN THE 746-757 AND 776-787 MHZ BANDS."
I request that my Nexus 6 be properly activated on your Network, and that I be provided with a Link to the "clear and reasonable procedures" that the FCC requires of you to publish for how to activate a device on your network along with all of my rights to request attachment to your network.
47 CFR States that if your operating in 746-757 and 776-787 MHz bands that
1) Licensees offering service on spectrum subject to this section shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee's C Block network
(1) Licensees shall establish and publish clear and reasonable procedures for parties to seek approval to use devices or applications on the licensees' networks. A licensee must also provide to potential customers notice of the customers' rights to request the attachment of a device or application to the licensee's network, and notice of the licensee's process for customers to make such requests, including the relevant network criteria.
(2) If a licensee determines that a request for access would violate its technical standards or regulatory requirements, the licensee shall expeditiously provide a written response to the requester specifying the basis for denying access and providing an opportunity for the requester to modify its request to satisfy the licensee's concerns.

I disagree... I am being discriminated against and charged and extra $25 a month by bringing my own device.
So as they are also not able to activate my device without faking a sim card - IE I cannot make a new account with my GP N6, and they are charging me over. This is clearly a violation.
Discrimination of this nature is prohibited by the 700 MHz Order open platforms provisions (22 FCC Rcd, Pages 15358–15374), specifically Paragraph 222:
In that regard, we emphasize that C Block licensees may not impose any additional discriminatory charges (one-time or recurring) or conditions on customers who seek to use devices or applications outside of those provided by the licensee.