Epson RS595 wont print on iMac

Altho this almost new combo printer works fine on my iBook, it wont work on my iMac, its usual home. I've reinstalled the printer, redone the drivers, tried another cable, done permissions, checked the system pref. When I
click Print, the logo appears on the dock, but after 3 seconds of shaking, stops still. The printer dialogue box reports printer 'stopped'. Its still scans OK. What else should I try?

interscot1 wrote:
nothing at all happens
Did you run any updates?
Does this mean if you hit the print button, nothing happens? If so, the probable cause of this is that the /Library/Caches/Epson folder is missing.
There are several threads here about this issue with Epson printers: try deleting the <hard drive>/Library/Printers/EPSON folder and then reinstalling the software through Software Update or from the Apple download site. After installing the software, restart, delete and re-add the printer. That should recreate the /Library/Caches/Epson folder, and you should be able to print.
hope this helps.
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