Delivery out put issue

i am not able to get the print preview for delivery output, i have checked delivery output has got determined, when i goto vl02n, and issue out put then i am able to get the delivery output type, when i select the output type and click on the print preview i get the error "output could not be issued" errormessage no. vl086.
please suggest

1) Kindly check what output type is assisgned to the Delivery Type at OVLK.
2) Then goto Tcode-> NACE.
Select V2-> 'Shipping' and click on Condition Record.
Then select the approprieate Access sequence and check whether condition record is maintained or not.
3) If condition record does not exit create , if created then select the approprieate method and Select the condition record and click on the communication button. Here Output Device, Print immediately should be checked.
Thank You,