Dead Nokia Lumia 800 warranty

I purchased my nokia lumia 800 from a person on amazon market place, the phone died after just a few days and, It will not power up since then. I wondered if I would be entitled to a warranty even though I do not have an origional receipt nor can I find the seriel number as the phone will not power on. Anyone any idea ?

You may have problems satisfying conditions of warranty which states:-
"When making a claim under this Limited Warranty you will be required to provide: a) the Product (or the affected part) and b) the original proof of purchase, which clearly indicates the name and address of the seller, the date and place of purchase, the product type and the IMEI or other serial number."
More details here:
I have been caught out in the past with Amazon "One Click" purchase even from established business seller, where there is no invoice included and only communication is that item has been despatched.
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