Alu mb screen vertical line/bar washout obvious in black

i see a distinct, two-inch, vertical washout on my screen that's invisible when brighter colors are displayed. but if it's displaying the color black (screen isn't off) like say, the beginning of a keynote slideshow, i see a vertical bar, top to bottom, about two-inches wide almost centered on the screen that's washed out. so if the screen is supposed to be displaying the color black, the washed out portion is more of like a very dark grey.
you know when like a TV broadcast is interrupted it has those colored vertical bars? this is similar except it's one bar, and instead of displaying black, it's washed out grey. you can see it on darker colors, too. it just washes out to a lighter hue. but it's invisible if it displays brighter colors.
are there problems out there about this new LED screen technology?

i would compare your display to another like model in-store and see if the issue is the same. you could have abnormal backlight bleeding and or abnormal backlight unevenness. if so, it should be covered under warranty, as long as it wasn't caused by abuse/damage/neglect.