630 Dual Sim Network Compatibility

I purchased the Nokia Lumia 630 dual-sim model. It was unlocked and I am using it in Canada. It works with Rogers no-problem but won't connect with my Telus SIM.
Does anyone know why this may be the case? I tried swapping the SIM locations, updating, etc.

Hi asuth077,
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Do you mean the phone doesn't detect your Telus micro-SIM card? Or does it read the micro-SIM but is unable to get network signals from Telus? Have you also tried using another standard micro-SIM from Telus to verify if the issue is SIM or network related? 
Make sure to use a standard micro-SIM and not a cut up regular one. If the phone is just unable to get signals from Telus, best to ask them if your current location is within their coverage area. You can also try using your Telus micro-SIM with other compatible devices and see if it'll work.
We'll wait for your feedback.